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Phoenix Buyer Program



Phoenix Buyer Program provides fee-based services for individuals and companies who are seeking to acquire a business. Phoenix can provide all or just a few of the following services:

· Targeted Business Search

· Preliminary Business Review

· Valuations

· Letter of Intent

· Due Diligence 

· Business Plan

· Financing

· Transition Support & Advice

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Phoenix Business Evaluation & Valuation Program


Phoenix Business Evaluation & Valuation Program is a fee-based service for business owners who need to understand the value of their business.

The value of your business is the starting point to many business decisions, such as:

· Retiring and selling your business

· Bring in a new business partner

· Contemplating a merger with a competitor

· Received an unsolicited offer on your   business

· Starting to work on your succession or   estate planning

· Considering the execution of a shotgun   clause in your shareholder's agreement