Exit Planning

Exit Planning


The Value of Your Business

Starting your Exit Plan requires an understanding of your business’s current value and state of readiness for a transfer. Our full assessment provides you with your business’s Most Likely Selling Price, Attractiveness Score and Readiness Score. We’ll give you the information you need to start building value in your business or planning for transition.

Development & Implementation of Action Plans

We’ll create this roadmap for your business to reach desired objectives. After identifying personal, business, and financial goals, this concrete plan will detail steps needed to attain goals, time planning, tasks to complete, and measurements of success.

Preparation of Due Diligence

We prepare you for due diligence and guide you through the extensive learning curve. Our Business Readiness Assessment is one of the building blocks of identifying areas of the business that needs to be addressed in due diligence.  

Personal & Financial Analysis

Our Personal and Financial assessments will identify areas that need to be addressed for a successful exit. We use the ValueMax program to document the alignment of your business, personal & financial goals to calculate the wealth gap for retirement. From here, we can improve your profit and values margin to resolve your wealth gap.

Preparation of Confidential Information Memorandum

We’ll put your business in the best possible light to provide buyers framework for due diligence. It’ll include an overview of key financials, product lines, a summary of historical projections, and a review of the company’s operations and strategy

One-Page Exit Plan

Our One Page Exit Plan is a visual that helps business owners understand the exit process and communicate to key stakeholders. It can provide a business’s exit framework for months or even years of action.

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